Dore' Frances, PhD

For the past two decades I have been visiting addiction treatment programs, clinical programs, eating disorder programs, family run residential tretament centers, group homes, hospitals, learning disability schools, medical facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, and outdoor wilderness programs. There have been many compassionate and memorable souls that I have had the honor to meet.

I grew up being a part of the Sixties counter-culture - communes, cults, meditation centers, and other alternative spiritual groups. I became involved in feminism, rock 'n roll, the drug culture, the gay rights movement, the sexual revolution, and I challenged the religious establishment. All of this shaped my life.

San Francisco is my home town and holds a dear place in my heart. I have also lived in Idaho, Oregon and currently Colorado. I have traveled to Abu Dhabi, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, and The Bahamas. In visiting hundreds of outdoor and residential treatment centers, I have gathered scores of interviews with many different people of all ages.

Everyone has a story. From all of that it is very apparent that there is no one program that fits every child and every family. Any family searching for assisatnce for their child, teen or young adult, needs to be very wise in their decision. It is an emotional and financial investment that goes beyond what most families ever prepare themselves for when entering this arena.

One Size Does Not Fit All shares with you my experience of these individual programs and schools so that you may make a better informed decision. This could not have been written without the first hand experience I had when my daughter entered treatment at age 15.

From the moment I knew she was needing help, to the decision and the heartache it took to sign those papers, to the day I dropped her off, and the amount of time she was in treatment, to the day she graduated and came home - which started the next phase of her treatment - all of this carries with me in all the work I do in assisting families and their children.

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